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Varicose veins can severely impact your life – from the pain and discomfort they cause, to the unsightly appearance and insecurities they may trigger.

At Tomorrow, we won’t let varicose veins stop you from living your life to the fullest. Our specialist vascular consultant surgeons offer the latest clinically validated, minimally invasive varicose vein and vein treatments. With over 25 years’ experience, our team empowers you to achieve the outcome you want when you want it – delivering truly transformational results with minimal disruption to your routine.

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Varicose veins can impact self-confidence and body image. Our treatments can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your legs, restoring smoothness and symmetry to your skin.



They can also cause a range of symptoms, including pain, throbbing, itching and heaviness in the legs. Undergoing treatment can significantly relieve these discomforts.



Many people experience limited mobility and activity levels. Treatment can give you a renewed energy and vitality, allowing you to engage in physical activities, holidays, occasions you may have previously avoided.

Say goodbye to varicose veins, spider veins, thread veins…

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Detailed scan and consultation

We start with a personalised Vein Health & Wellness assessment to understand what is important to you. We then take a detailed look at your legs with an advanced duplex ultrasound scan of your leg(s) with one of our accredited vascular scientists.

Then there is an opportunity to have dedicated time with one of specialist vascular surgeons to agree the best treatment plan for achieving the outcome you want. Expert advice, all the way.

Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) is a popular treatment option as it is minimally invasive. Treatment involves small incisions (no bigger than 2mm for minimal scarring) carried out under local anaesthetic, so you’re able to get back to your normal activities the same day.

RFA has been clinically proven to cause less pain, less bruising and with fewer complications compared to conventional surgery and laser options. It’s also very effective – with long-term data proving its efficacy and occlusion rates over 91% at 5 years.

Micro Sclerotherapy Treatment

Micro Sclerotherapy is a procedure designed to improve the appearance of your varicose veins, with ultrasound guided injections. Sclerotherapy treatments are performed so that you can return to your everyday activities the next day.

There is little to no anaesthetic required, as the procedure only uses a number of injections. It is a fantastic, effective option for very small veins for which other procedures have been deemed unsuitable.

Avulsions Treatment

Avulsions is a very popular treatment to remove large visible varicose veins for a clean cosmetic look. An avulsion procedure (also known as Phlebectomies) is a technique used to remove varicose veins via local anaesthetic.

Very tiny cuts are made at the surface of the skin under local anaesthetic and the vein is removed. The cuts are so small, stitches are not needed and instead small paper stitches (steri-strips) are used.

Our Diagnostic and Treatment Packages

We have a range of packages that are personalised for you.

Vascular & Heart Diagnostics

Access convenient, quality cardiovascular diagnostics when you need it.

Worried about something specific or frustrated with waiting? Contact our team to schedule a vascular ultrasound or cardiac echocardiogram. Our experts specialise in diagnosing heart and vascular health issues, giving you peace of mind.



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Vein Treatments

Everything you get in the consultation, plus: chosen treatment for one or two legs, compression stockings, and 6-month follow up.

Our specialist consultants will discuss the most suitable treatment option for you from our internationally recognised treatments: Radiofrequency Ablation or Foam Sclerotherapy.



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Meet your team

All our treatments are delivered by our expert team of specialist consultants, making sure you get the best outcomes for health and aesthetic.

Mohamed Barkat

FRCS (Vasc), MSc

Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon.

Nicholas Greaves


Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon

Gurdeep Jandu

Senior Clinical Vascular Scientist & Clinic Manager

Katja Norse

Director of Operations

Lee Smith

Clinical Vascular Scientist

Mr Nee Beng Teo

Consultant Vascular & Endovascular Surgeon

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“Just a little thank you for the kind care and attention I received on my recent visit to the clinic.You put my mind at ease when having treatment, informing me when to expect any sensations of pain and how long it would take. I feel confident in your care as a professional along with your compassionate attitude. The service is excellent and the treatment has worked so quickly on my skin tag.”

“The staff took professional care of me during and after my treatment, not only from the clinical side but also to help reduce the little discomfort I had. I almost did not feel anything during the procedure but could see a wonderful effect after! I would like to recommend the clinic to anyone.”

“I visited the clinic to have treatment on my spider veins and was very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff who greeted me and made me feel really welcome and comfortable. They all seemed very knowledgeable when they explained what was going to happen which put my mind at ease.I was really impressed by the total experience and would have no hesitation at all in recommending family and friends who need treatment. A very big thank you from me to all the team”

“I would like to say that I found the Manchester vein clinic to be extremely informative before my treatment and very thorough in my deep vein examination with scans. The staff were very helpful and kind putting my mind at ease before and during my treatment. The cost of the treatment i found to be very reasonable. My recovery time was quicker than expected and other and a dressing and a few minor bruises my leg was healed enough to be back on show within a week .”