The heart of your business.

A healthy business puts people first. Providing them with the knowledge to live fulfilled and healthy lives through cardiovascular wellness makes a huge difference to employee wellbeing, productivity, staff retention and happiness in and out of work.

  • A company-wide cardiovascular strategy
  • Beyond a benefit. 
  • Putting your people first.  
  • Value. Retention. Productivity. Happiness.

Putting the cardiovascular health of your team first.

Equip your team with actionable knowledge, and empower their tomorrow with personalised Screening & Wellness programmes based on the latest evidence and advanced technology.

  • Screening around early diagnosis
  • Education around lifestyle choices
  • Longevity culture

Have the biggest impact for your people. 

Cardiovascular disease is by far the biggest cause of premature death or disability in working age people. 

It’s also the world’s biggest killer causing 160,000 deaths a year in the U.K. alone. Heart attack, stroke, aneurysms, dementia, hypertension, cholesterol, heart failure, angina. 

Cardiovascular disease costs the UK economy a staggering £15.5 Billion a year.

Growing demand from employees that you should do more.

Your people are your most important asset.

Your people value credible and lasting investment in their long term health and wellbeing. 

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“Positive experience overall, surprisingly enjoyable too, fascinating to see the use of the ultrasound and the intricate nature of the arteries, if you’re serious about your health, I would definitely recommend this screening, it was worth every penny to get some piece of mind on my overall health.”

“Very professional and in-depth. The process was explained incredibly well and in a friendly reassuring manner. It was well worth the examination and tests to ensure peace of mind and that health wise I was doing fine but could also improve my stats with the programme and advice given by the cardiologist and the rest of the medical team. Well worth the money when it comes to matters of the heart and health/fitness.”

“I went to Tomorrow Wellness as I was in my late fifties and my father has Diabetes and irregular heart rhythms. From the moment I arrived I was put at ease and given a clear description of what the process would be. I particularly found the Vascular imaging really interesting and everything was explained in detail. I left with a clear summary of results and an action plan. Faultless service and would recommend to anyone.”

“After a long, long (decades..) break from any meaningful exercise, I started running and with it came various pains and aches that were somewhat worrying. I did the 40+ NHS health check but that didn’t really give me level of detail that would reassure me. So I went with the Tomorrow Cardiovascular Screening and I’m glad I did – the screening is detailed and well explained, and the staff is very professional and the report is comprehensive and easy to parse. I no longer stress about pushing myself a bit more excercising, which is exactly what I wanted out of it!”

“My father had a history of stroke and cardiac trouble and eventually passed away from both. When I noticed an enlarged vein in my jugular, I became concerned with my own cardiovascular health. I wanted to get some answers and, hopefully, put my mind at ease. The screening has given me, as well as my family, some peace of mind about this area of my health.”

Benefits that go beyond workplace perks

A healthy cardiovascular system plays a vital role in your overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Enabling your employees to access information, guidance and support on living a healthier life is the best investment you can make in your business.

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The best approach for your business

Tailored packages to meet your team’s needs – we provide full access to specialists with a focus on convenience, quality, and value.


Everyone’s included with our specialist insight programme.

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In-person advanced screening for selected members of the team or those most at risk.

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Tailored company-wide strategy, events, education, nutrition & mental wellbeing.

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